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Regular meetings held fourth Wednesday of each month at The Masonic hall Darwin N.T. Australia

John A Worrell FPS
P.O. Box 342
Parap, Northern Territory 0804

"Top End


A TopEnd News letter for The Craft .
Scotty Mitchell
P.O.Box 75,CMB 19 Winnellie NT 0821

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The Life and Times of Paul Foelsche

Holden under Warrant from the Grand Lodge of Antient,
Free and Accepted Masons of South Australia

 Worshipful Master: Wor.Bro.P Murphy 
 Immediate Past MasterWor.Bro J Loudon 
Senior Warden:Bro.R Warner
Junior Warden:Bro. J.A. Worrell 
 Acting as Chaplain:
Treasurer: Wor. Bro.D Darben 
Secretary: Wor. Bro.Len.Greenwood
Director of Ceremonies: Wor.Bro C Hallenstein
organist:Wor.Bro.A Mitchell

Masonic Foundation Co-ordinator:Wor.Bro C Hallenstein 

Senior Deacon: Bro F.Locastro Junior Deacon: Bro.J.Edmonds Inner Guard: Bro.K McRae Steward:Bro S.S. Selvadurai Tyler: Bro. S Taylor Floor member: Bro. M. millevoy

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