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Foelsche Masonic Lodge
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The Life and Times of Paul Foelsche

Holden under Warrant from the Grand Lodge of Antient,
Free and Accepted Masons of South Australia

 Worshipful Master Wor. Bro F.Locastro
 Immediate Past Master  Wor. Bro. J.A. Worrell
Senior Warden: Bro. Bro.K McRae
Junior Warden:Bro. S Taylor
Treasurer: Wor. Bro.D Darben 
Secretary: Wor. Bro.Peter Humphries

Director of Ceremonies:Wor.Bro A.McGreggor

Masonic Foundation Co-ordinator:Wor.Bro J.A.Worrell 
Lodge Foelsche in conjunction with the  
Masonic Foundation is supporting Clinical Research into
Septic Shock

Senior Deacon: Bro S Pratt Junior Deacon: Bro. M. Manyard Inner Guard: Bro A. Barram Steward: R.Chin G. Jones Tyler: Rostered Past Master Floor member: Bro. P.Denniss

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